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Just Busy Overthinking Notepad, Funny Office Notepad for Overthinkers, Funny Anxiety Gift

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Ever felt like your thoughts are sprinting a mental marathon? If you're enthusiastically nodding, congrats – you've just stumbled upon the coolest notepad where overthinking gets a hilarious makeover. It's time to wrangle those zany musings, genius brainwaves, and plans that party like confetti in your head, and unleash them onto these pages.

Behold the bold phrase "Just busy overthinking…" gracing this notepad – a nod to the fabulous chaos that is your thought process. This isn't your everyday notepad; it's your personal haven, where your mind's whirlwind finds a comfy corner. A corner built for the overthinkers, journal aficionados, and all those wonderfully creative minds out there.

And speaking of gifts, this gem is tailor-made for the fantastic women in your life who've mastered the art of finding humor in their mental mazes. Imagine the grin that cheeky phrase will bring to their faces! Whether it's your mom, your awesome coworkers, or your friends, this personalized delight takes them on a journey through their own witty brilliance. Adding their names? That's like sprinkles on an already fantastic cupcake – turning a thoughtful gift into a cherished keepsake.

Printed on 70 lbs white paper stock, each page is eager for your masterpieces. With chipboard padding for added sturdiness and smartly glued at the top, this notepad is as practical as it is playful. And don't worry about space – with a whopping 50 sheets measuring 5.5'' x 8.5'', you've got a grand stage for your thought extravaganza.

So, whether you're penning your next comedy sketch, mapping out your grand schemes, or just letting your mind wander through the whimsical, this notepad is your partner in all things witty. Embrace the art of overthinking and let your thoughts flourish – after all, it's where the magic begins!

- Size 5.5'' x 8.5''
- 50 sheets
- Printed on 70 lb white paper stock
- Padded with chipboard
- Bound with a padding compound

QUALITY. Enjoy quality notepads printed on premium 70 lb white paper stock. This notepad has 50 sheets, firmly padded with chipboard for superior durability and conveniently glued at the top for easy access and comfortable use. This notepad is 5.5'' x 8.5'' giving you plenty of space to write your message.

PERSONALIZATION. Personalize your notepad to make it truly special. Add your name, a thank you message, your favorite quote, or leave it blank. Simply provide your details in the personalization box and we'll take care of the rest.

GIFTING. This notepad is perfect for friends, children, colleagues, neighbors, and even couples or parents. Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, or a spontaneous 'just because' surprise, this notepad adds a thoughtful touch to any occasion.

MULTIPURPOSE. Jot down thoughts, keep track of to-do lists, and create shopping lists effortlessly. Elevate productivity in the office, plan projects, and brainstorm ideas. At home, use them for meal planning, doodling, or as a creative journal. Capture recipes, track fitness goals, or leave heartfelt messages for loved ones. The only limit is your imagination!

DESIGN. This notepad is more than just a practical tool - it's a reflection of YOU! It features a unique design, thoughtfully crafted to mirror your personality and passions, beautifully encapsulating your individual charm and style.

Design by Claudia Owen.