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Card Inspiration

In the last few weeks I’ve been working on a variety of cards based on images and that I like and it’s been so much fun to work on these designs!


This card design is inspired by an iconic design. You might have heard of the Red and Blue Chair designed in 1918 by Gerrit Rietveld. The chair is representative of De Stijl movement. The @themeuseumofmodernart houses the chair in its permanent collection (Red and Blue chair image from

This card design is inspired by this gorgeous tee by @Aje This tee is also available from @myer - Stripes at a new level, classic and elegant. Image via @NatalieSarpi

This card design is inspired by @lofficielindonesia magazine cover shot by the talented @Margaret__Zhang Black and white stripes are so simple and yet so elegant

This card design is inspired by some seriously sexy boots by @stuartweitzman image by @reneeapproximately No wonder the boot is called the Alllegs

This card design is inspired by this gorgeous colorful boot. Image via @theblondesalad @chiaraferragni I think these bright colors make a wonderful summery party invite don’t you think?

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New Year, New Website

New Year, New Website

This website upgrade has been a long time coming - months in fact. It's a much sexier, sophisticated, modern, smarter and a whole lot more useful version of it's predecessor. Today I want to say goodbye to the old website, you served me good, but it's time to embrace a more grown up version of my online self. It feels like I've been living in a little tiny hut and now I've upgraded to a luxury mansion with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge - that's how much better this website really is! 

Claudia Owen Website Upgrade

So let me tell you briefly about some of the upgrades that I'm most excited about. 

First of all, I have MY OWN shop right here in my "cyber home", no need to click through an Etsy shop or third party website to get to my designs. I have everything right here under the one roof. Yes! I finally have a "home" for my work! I never drink, but I think I'll drink to this! Might even get tipsy about this, that's how exciting this is! 

Having said that, I will still continue to have all my licensed range of cards on GreenvelopePinggFine Stationery and all my other ventures, this will stay the same, but all the other work that I produce on my own will be right here.

The other thing I'm really excited about is my newsletter subscription box. I never thought a pretty little box could make me so happy! Did you see it? It's on the bottom right side of website. You can subscribe to my mailing list right here on my home page and I even have a pop-up asking people to sign up to my newsletter or follow me on social media to receive a 20% discount in my shop. Cool huh? The sale is on until the end of the month :)

There's also a new blog - what you are reading now, that sits right here on my website, no more clicking to go to third party website, it sits right here. So exciting! 

I now also have a fancy pantsy private design gallery where art directors can view my designs for licensing and outright purchase. If you happen to be an art director, you can request access to my online gallery by sending me an email and I'll give you access to the private section of my website. You can flick through the design pages or you can search under categories of work and make a purchase when you've made your decision. 

I'm still adding products and doing finishing touches to the website and I'll continue to work on these for the next few days. I have all kinds of wonderful things planned for my website, this is just the beginning, and I'm so glad that I'm finally doing it! 

Until next time, Claudia.

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