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Custom Order - Nikki May 2022


Custom Order - Nikki May 2022


Notecards $90
- 40 printed cards
- All black (front and back)
- 5'' x 7'' in size
- Printed double sided
- Printed on 120lb. uncoated accent opaque
Nikki & Rob 
- Make a sample with gold lettering and ring 
- Make a sample with silver lettering and ring (to help you decide which one you like better)
- Includes shipping 

Black envelopes $25
- 40 black envelopes
- A7 size 

Design based on this card below 

Do a version of the card with the font used here:

and another version with a similar font (this is not my design so I'll try to find a similar font to the one used here)

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 4.54.27 pm.png