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I’ve been meaning to share these photos for a long time now. Late last year a few members of Circle of Designers got together for a photo shoot in Sydney where we all got to wear some of the scarves that we designed during the year.

These are some of the photos from the day:


Silk-Scarves-by-Circle-of-Designers-Members    Circle-of-Designers-featured-on-Claudia-Owen-Blog-4

Gemstone-Silk-Scarf-by-Claudia-Owen-from-Circle-of-Designers      Circle-of-Designers-featured-on-Claudia-Owen-Blog-2


Philippa Wilkinson is the designer behind the established textile design company, Pip Willy. Her sustainable fabrics are represented by the Emily Ziz Style Studio and has been immersed in commercial textile design for over 14 years. Philippa is a COFA graduate and it is her Fine Arts background, her keen eye for detail, her sensitivity in line work and her printing expertise that has been the driving force in her textile work.


Oya Demirbilek is an Industrial Designer and Associate Professor at the school of the Built Environment UNSW. Her Turkish heritage and European upbringing influence her work including her 2D/3D jewellery beading work. Oya’s jewellery shapes reflect the natural – as well as sacred geometric patterns and structures, cultural and spiritual symbols. Her design philosophy is to create simple, useful, beautiful and easily reproducible objects.


Danielle Kojic is a Graphic Designer/Brand Consultant who is also compelled to paint. After completing her first painting classes post graphic arts college she was immediately accepted to be hung at the Mosman Art Award. The experienced way she uses paint comes naturally and straight from her centre.


Anjum Olmo’s recognisable henna-inspired motifs lend themselves to patternmaking. Anjum has a passion for all things handmade from designing screen printed textiles, wallpaper and handmade cards. “Bold and stripped back” is a phrase that best describes Anjum’s designs. She has lived in Fiji and now lives in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains and she draws her creative inspiration from her environment.


Melissa Von Berge, amongst many things, is a talented Photographer who has always worked successfully in the area of Graphic Design. Melissa has an insatiable appetite for observing the beauty and the world around her. Relentless in her pursuit of seeking out the non mundane she constantly surprises the viewer.


That’s me!

You can read more about all of the Circle of Designers members here.

Circle of Designers is a group of Australian artists creating beautiful environmentally friendly textile products where each designer brings their own unique look to the range. By grouping together it is possible to create unique designs into textile products whilst respecting how things are made in the supply chain.


The photos were taken by Matthew Syres Photography and I think he did a great job. It’s hard working with six giggling women!

I’m slowly filling up my Spoonflower shop with new designs that are available as fabric, wallpaper and wall decals. These are some of my designs:


If you like the design but the colour is not exactly what you were looking for, let me know so I can add one in the colours that you need.

Please visit my Spoonflower shop.

Today I have some great news! I have just finished putting together my first collection of products for Envelop. The collection includes aprons, oven gloves, napkins, placemats, table runners, tote bags, pot holders and pillow covers.

The design collection is called ‘Joy’ as the design is very happy and bright.

Since there are quite a few new products I’ll show you all of the designs over a few posts. So today I’ll start by showing you this cute pink set:

It would be perfect for anyone who likes to set up a table with matching accessories or have in your kitchen matching items.

They are all printed on 100% cotton and what’s great is that there is free worldwide shipping!

To give you some idea of how big they are, here are the sizes for each of these items:

A. Apron: Width 72cm/28.3″. Height 92cm/36″
B. Table runner: Width 45cm or17.7″. Height 135cm or 53.1″
C. Oven gloves: Width 18cm or 7.1″. Height 33cm or 13″
D. Napkins: Width 40cm or 15.7″. Height 40cm or 15.7″
E. Placemat: Width 50cm or 19.7″. Height 33cm or 13″
F. Pot holder: Width 20cm or 7.9″. Height 20cm or 7.9″

If you like them you can get them from my Envelop shop

In the next few weeks I’m hoping to be adding more designs. So I’ll keep you posted!

I’m thinking that maybe for the next collection I could do a more ‘manly collection’ for the kitchen to encourage husbands/boyfriends to get in the kitchen and help out! I know how hard it can be!

This is my latest fabric design that is available exclusively at Alluminare. One of the best things about this design is that you can customise the colours so if you don’t like the colours that I’ve chosen here you can go to Alluminare and select your own!

You can also choose the size of the print on the fabric. These 2 pink designs below have exactly the same colours; the only thing that changes is the size of the pattern. The design looks very different when you chose different sizes!

…And this one is for me! I love yellow so I picked these colours thinking how it would look like on a yellow dress or a yellow handbag. I love it! 

This design is available exclusively at Alluminare.

Today I have some great news to share with you. One of my designs has just been made exclusively available for purchase at Alluminare. The design is available on a wonderful array of products such as fabrics, lighting, pillows and wallpapers. The name of the design is Modern Swirls. 

These are just some of the great applications for this design with some colour combinations that I selected but you can pick your own colours. I hope you will like them :)

This is how the design looks on fabric. 

So let me give you a little intro to Alluminare (just in case you have never heard of Alluminare before) they create a wonderful range of pendant lighting, lamp shades, pillows, wallpapers and fabrics that you can customise to just about any colour you want. And if that wasn’t enough, the pendant lighting and lamp shades come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you are anywhere in the US (including Puerto Rico, Guam, Alaska and Hawaii) and most locations in Canada, you are in luck since Alluminare can ship your order anywhere within these locations.  However, if you live outside the US or Canada they can ship to a freight forwarder who can then forward the parcels to your location. Just contact Alluminare to see how best to get your products to where you are. They will be happy to help you :)

To purchase fabrics, lighting and wallpapers with this design simply go to the Alluminare website. You can also search for the design by typing in the search box Modern Swirls. (The search box it’s at the bottom of the page)

I’m hoping to add some new designs soon! I’ll keep you posted :)

I’m super excited!

This week’s Spoonflower contest is based on the theme of ‘Rain’ and I have decided to submit a design.

This time I tried a completely different style of illustration. I don’t quite have an ‘illustration style’ as such just yet, so this is completely different to the work I’ve done in the past. In the next few weeks I want to practice my illustration and I’ll probably experiment with different styles until I find something that feels more natural to me. Who knows what I’m going to end up with!  

Anyway, this is the design that I submitted:

You can cast your vote at Spoonflower.

I’m a big fan of Spoonflower and as you might know they have a weekly fabric design contest. I’ve been meaning to enter their fabric contest for weeks now and I’ve never made the time to enter a design until today. This time I entered the contest called ‘Project Selvage’ which is sponsored by Michael Miller to design baby fabrics for boys. The winner will earn a contract to produce a collection for Michael Miller Fabrics. The entry deadline is Thursday 24th of March 2011 so there is still time to enter.

The name of my fabric is ‘Baby Boy Loves the Sea’ and here it is:

I’m happy that I finally made the time to design something and hopefully this fabric will be the first of many more to come.  

You will be able to cast your vote at Spoonflower from the 31st March 2011 once the top 75 designs have been selected. May the best design win!

I'm a surface pattern designer and I love to create patterns for a variety of applications such as wallpapers, fabrics, rugs, stationery and home wares. In here you will find a small sample of my work.

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This is my Black and White phone case #phone #phonecase #iphone #design #claudiaowen #pattern #patterndesign #surfacedesign #CBR #canberraartist #blackandwhite #samsung This card design is inspired by the beautiful Chanel Boutique Flinders Lane in Melbourne @chanelofficial Photo by @melbourneweddingdirectory  This building would make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and now you can have a matching card too #architecture #chanel #melbourne #wedding #weddinginvitation #flinders #flinderslane #inspo #claudiaowen #stationery #style #design #ecards #party #partyinvitations #paper #anniversary Today my card design is inspired by this bright and colorful summer dress by @katiesfashion Yellow is one of my favorite colors (as you might have noticed by my logo) and I love wearing it too. Yellow is such a happy colour and I think it also looks wonderful used in a card #katiesfashion #springfashion #summerfashion #outfit #yellow #orange #summer #fashion #fashioninspo #inspo #dress #claudiaowen #stationery #fashionstationery #style #design #ecards #gardenparty #partyinvitations #party #paper This is my Opal clip board. Happy and colourful 🌼 #stationery #clipboard #colorful #canberraartist #design #claudiaowen #pattern #surfacedesign #art #artlicensing Today my card design is inspired by this gorgeous photo by @qantas Just look at the gorgeous sky! I can’t decide if the sky looks more like a watercolor painting or cotton candy… #qantas #a330 #cottoncandy #watercolor #sky #pink #clouds #bonvoyage #airplane #inspo #claudiaowen #stationery #fashionstationery #style #design #ecards #partyinvitations #paper Here's another holiday card I designed for @greenvelope It comes in a variety of colours, I hope you like it! #holiday #holidaycards #holidayseason #glitter #gold #silver #greenvelope #claudiaowen #digital #stationery #ecards #partyinvitations #party #holidayparty This card design is inspired by this gorgeous pair of killer red heels by @wittnershoes worn by @notsomumsy Photography by @emmyetiephotography Red and black is such a sexy combination don’t you think? #wittner #wittnershoes #shoes #highheels #notsomumsy #emmyetiephotography #walktall15 #partystyle #ss15 #fashion #fashioninspo #inspo #red #redshoes #claudiaowen #stationery #fashionstationery #style #ecards #party #partyinvitations #paper #blacktie #gala Here's another photo of my pop-up shop with @designcanberrafestival We're open till 4pm today. 64 Northbourne Avenue #design #designpluscraftaward #designcanberrafestival #pattern #patterndesign #claudiaowen #colors #canberra #canberraartist #cbr #canberraevents #visitcanberra Today my card design is inspired by this beautiful white dress by @balmainparis @olivier_rousteing worn by @kendalljenner All white, simple elegance #BALMAINSS16 #balmain #paris #balmainparis #kendalljenner #catwalk #runway #fashioninspo #fashion #inspo #kardashian #olivierrousteing #dress #white #claudiaowen #stationery #fashionstationery #style #design #partyinvitations #paper #party #cocktails #cocktailparty So this is what my pop-up shop looks like.  I'm here with @littlepapeterie @mr_mfgd @lazysundayhome and Metka Kosec We're open till 8pm today so come visit us! 64 Northbourne Avenue in the city @designcanberrafestival #design #visitcanberra #cbr #canberra #designpluscraftaward #canberraartist #canberraevents #claudiaowen #popupshop




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