Yes, I’m finally going to Surtex! This is the first time that I will have my work at Surtex and I’m very happy about that! Unfortunately, I don’t get to go in person this year but sending my work it’s a dream come true!

Surtex is the premier tradeshow devoted to selling and licensing original art and design for all types of products including stationery, giftware, toys, publishing, home wares and lots more. It is anticipated that there will be around 6,000 people in attendance from 49 countries. So it is huge!

The show will be held in May 17-19, 2015 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York City.

This is my Surtex flyer:

Claudia Owen Surtex 2015 flyer

Surtex is the type of show that every designer dreams of exhibiting at and having the chance to speak to businesses and manufacturers from all around the world.

If you are going to Surtex make sure to visit booth 222. My work will be represented by Cultivate Art Agency and I will have my best prints and patterns at the show.

Are you ready for Mother’s Day this Sunday 10th May? I hope you are!

If you aren’t quite ready yet, I’ve got something that might just be what you need. I’ve put together a beautiful Mother’s Day printable that will help you set up a gorgeous breakfast in bed for your mum.

Mums do so much for us and it’s nice to make them feel special by doing something for them. One of the simplest ways to say thank you is by preparing a gorgeous breakfast in bed just for her. This printable will help you get the right look for the masterpiece you will put together in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the cooking but I can definitely help you with some ideas. To help you cook something yummy for your mum I’ve put together a board on Pinterest with a number of recipe ideas.

There are savoury and sweet little treats for every mum! Personally, I can’t resist a savoury little something, anything with eggs and spinach is good for me!







The printable includes:

  • Mother’s Day card
  • Placemat
  • Tea bag paper label
  • World’s Best Mum badge
  • Flags with four different words. Yum! I love you, Delish and Love
  • Gift tag
  • Happy Mother’s Day round flag
  • Mother’s Day gift voucher­­

The printable is available from my Etsy shop and it comes with instructions on how to put it together so you’ll know exactly what to do.

The printable comes in Australian and American English spelling.

So my first RAW show was last Friday and I’ve finally had a few spare minutes to write about the show and share a few pictures. First of all, I have to say that I loved the experience! I loved that I was able to show my work to a large group of people and talk to them about what I do and get feedback.

To prepare for the show I had a small set up in a corner of the house with everything that I was going to be showing on the night. It was very useful and it was great practice to help me work out how I would display all my work.


Here’s my wonderful assistant for the day. She helped me with the set up and with all kinds of things on the lead up to the show. If you are doing the show, make sure you have someone help you with the set up on the day. It took us around 2 hours to set it up for the night!


Busy setting up for the show. You know what I love the most about this photo is that I’m surrounded by bright colours and patterns. This is exactly how I have imagined my life and this is exactly how I want to spend the rest of my life!

Here I am, happy and a little nervous, as the doors of the venue were about to be open to the public!


The dress I’m wearing is also my own design :)

Another thing you’ll probably need for the show is a big car. I had a relatively large set up and I also had large pieces of furniture. I drive a small car (it’s a little Honda Jazz) and crazy me thought I could fit my entire booth in my car… Well… That was never going to happen! I could barely fit all my things in my husband’s car and he has a twice as much storage space in his car! I should have taken a photo of our fully packed car so you’ll just have to imagine a car fully packed to the roof! I could not see a single thing through the rear view mirror! And my sister’s face, who was sitting on the passenger seat next to me, was right up against the front windscreen!



And this, the most dreaded part of the show. Getting onstage! It wasn’t that bad, just a few simple questions but for someone who isn’t used to public speaking it’s a little nerve wrecking!




I also included a number of little tags with a short description about the work I was presenting. I wanted to give my display a more personal feel and I wanted to make sure that people knew that I’m designing each and every single one of these pieces.




At the show I was exhibiting some of my latest collection of work which included silk eco-friendly scarves, ring binders, folders, pencil cases, coasters, three quarter leggings, journals, mugs, clipboards, wrapping paper and cushions.


There’s just one problem now. Now all I can think of is which show or market will I do now? There are a few local options that I need explore and I’m certain that in the next few weeks I’ll be doing a show somewhere :)

All of these designs are now on my brand new Etsy shop.

Guess who was on Her Canberra blog yesterday? Believe it or not I was featured!



Of course I wasn’t the only one mentioned in the article but it’s great that I was part of it! It’s so exciting! There’s also a short interview about me and my work. You can read the whole article here.

Her-Canberra-LogoIf you are in Canberra and you want to do something fun. Make sure you come to RAW! Tickets for the event are $16.50 when you purchase them online. Follow this link to find out who is also exhibiting on the night.

Now there’s only 1 day to go until RAW! Ohmygoodness!

Today I wanted to thank the talented Jiawa Liu from Closet Voyage who took these beautiful images of my scarves.

Claudia-Owen-Scarf-Photography-by-Jiawa-Liu-from-Closet-Vogage-1 Claudia-Owen-Scarf-Photography-by-Jiawa-Liu-from-Closet-Vogage-2 Claudia-Owen-Scarf-Photography-by-Jiawa-Liu-from-Closet-Vogage-3 Claudia-Owen-Scarf-Photography-by-Jiawa-Liu-from-Closet-Vogage-5

She did a wonderful job styling the scarves and what I like about it the most is that given that we are in the middle of a hot summer here in Australia the scarves have been beautifully styled for this hot weather. It really shows you how versatile a scarf can be – they are not only good for winter to help you keep warm but in summer they can be a gorgeous accessory.

I now have all these scarves in my Etsy shop.

I’ve just added two silk scarves to my Etsy shop – Black Symmetry and Symmetry Scarf.

Black Symmetry Silk Scarf By Claudia Owen 2 Black Symmetry Silk Scarf By Claudia Owen 3 Black Symmetry Silk Scarf By Claudia Owen 4 Black Symmetry Silk Scarf By Claudia Owen 5

I think black makes everything looks so much more elegant and if your style is simple and classic then you’ll probably love this design.

Symmetry Silk Scarf By Claudia Owen 2 Symmetry Silk Scarf By Claudia Owen 3 Symmetry Silk Scarf By Claudia Owen 4 Symmetry Silk Scarf By Claudia Owen 5

I love geometric designs and I love to design them. This design is clean and elegant featuring 4 beautiful colours.

The silk is beautifully soft and gentle to the touch. It’s also nice and thick without being too heavy or too thin – just the perfect thickness. The colours are vibrant and full of life.

All dyes used in the making of this scarf are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved and eco friendly.

The scarves are square and they measure 39.4×39.4 Inches or 100×100 Centimetres.

Take a look at my Etsy shop and let me know what you think!

I’ve finally taken the plunge and open an Etsy shop. I’ve been thinking and dreaming about it for a long time and I’ve finally done it! Yay! So the first item that I’m listing is one of my favourite designs of all time – the beautiful Gemstone Silk Scarf.

Gemstone Silk Scarf by Claudia Owen 1 Gemstone Silk Scarf by Claudia Owen 2 Gemstone Silk Scarf by Claudia Owen 3 Gemstone Silk Scarf by Claudia Owen 4 Gemstone Silk Scarf by Claudia Owen 5

I designed this scarf using hand drawn sketches to create the patterns and textures and I later coloured and edited it digitally. This design is bright and it reflects my love of patterns, colours and textures. It was a real joy to design this scarf and I hope you experience the same joy when you wear it.

The silk is beautifully soft and gentle to the touch. It’s also nice and thick without being too heavy or too thin – just the perfect thickness. The colours are vibrant and full of life.

All dyes used in the making of this scarf are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved and eco friendly. The scarf measures 17.7×68.9 Inches or 45×175 Centimetres.

The shop at the moment is looking rather empty but I will slowly add new items as they are ready to be uploaded. Right now I’m busy taking pictures and editing them, writing product descriptions and writing all my shop policies. This whole process takes a long time but I’m happy that I’m finally doing it!

I’m also listing my items in Spanish which is another reason why the listing process is taking me longer. I actually haven’t written in Spanish in years so if your Spanish is better than mine feel free to suggest some text edits! Here you can see my listing in Spanish.

I love the fact that Etsy lets you have your items listed in different languages I just wish it magically translated everything for you! So if you are an English speaker the listing will appear in English but if you speak Spanish the listing will show in Spanish for you.

Take a look at my brand new Etsy shop and let me know what you think!

This is my poster for my Raw show that I’m doing on the 30th January. Not long to go now!

Claudia Owen RAW show Visionary poster

I think I’m getting a little nervous about the show!

Tickets for the event are $16.50 when you purchase them online. Follow this link to find out who is also exhibiting on the night.


I have great news. This month I’m doing my first RAW show! RAW is an indie arts organisation where every second month artists, designers, photographers, musicians, performing artists, fashion designers and hair and make up artists get together for one night to exhibit their work.

Claudia Owen Visionary RAW Canberra

The show is going to be at the Belconnen Arts Centre in Canberra on the 30th January from 7:30pm to 11:45pm. You can read more about the show here on the RAW website.

This is my RAW profile page.


As you can see, you can expect to see lots of colourful designs on the night :)

There will be over 35 creatives exhibiting on the night so there will be lots to see.


You can follow this link to find out who they are.

I’ve set up a countdown on the side of the blog just so that I can freak out every time I see it! Right now I have 13 Days to go! And I still have sooooo much to do!

Tickets for the event are $16.50 when you purchase them online.

Now that Printsource is out of the way I’ve decided to update my Print and Pattern ad to something a little more girly. This is the ad:


What do you think? I hope people see it!

In preparation for my debut at Printsource I have been updating my online design gallery. I have at least 120 designs in my design library at the moment and I have lots more designs to add in the coming weeks. If you are a manufacturer or art director and would like to take a look at my design gallery please fill out the form here and I will give you access to it. The designs on my online gallery are available for licensing and outright purchase.

Here’s a small sample of my work:


Here are some images from Cultivate Art Collective and Cultivate Art Agency stand at Printsource.

Claudia-Owen-Printsource-1 Claudia-Owen-Printsource-2 Claudia-Owen-Printsource-3 Claudia-Owen-Printsource-4

I think it looks good! And I’m so happy to see everyone’s work on display. We’ve all been working hard for months to get to this point.

If you are going to Printsource make sure to visit Stand A17. My work will be represented by Cultivate Art Agency.

Tomorrow is the big day and I can’t wait! I wish everyone has a very successful show and I hope it brings lots of new opportunities. Best of luck everyone!



If you are going to Printsource make sure to visit Stand A17. My work will be represented by Cultivate Art Agency.

It’s strange when you find yourself looking at print trends online and you actually find your work featured! It’s so cool and a great surprise! Here’s the Pattern People blog post:


My image is the rectangle image behind the model.

There’s only 1 day to go until Printsource New York! Cultivate Art Collective and Cultivate Art Agency will have their Printsource debut on January 13th 2015. I’m super excited!

Here is a quick sneak peak of what you’ll see at the show:


Artists featured at Printsource are:
Ashley LoteckiTravel Bear BureauSherry LondonAngela KilpatrickCyndi PfeifferMarta Berk, Claudia Owen, Adrienne Vita, Pam Hamilton, Sophie Brabbins, Amy Reber, Melissa Watts, Joanna Chrysoholdis, Este Macleod and Susan K. Weckesser.

I have just updated my Printsource listing and this time I have added some of my latest work and this is what it looks like right now:


I think it’s a nice improvement from what I previously had and I’m happy with it :)

If you are going to Printsource make sure to visit Stand A17. My work will be represented by Cultivate Art Agency and I will have over 100 prints.

In preparation for Printsource January 13-14 in New York I’ve decided to update the ad I have on the Print and Pattern blog with a Printsource ad.

This is what it looks like:


If one person came to see my work at the show because of this ad, I would consider this ad a success :)

If you are going to Printsource make sure to visit Stand A17. My work will be represented by Cultivate Art Agency and I will have over 100 prints.

Some members of the Cultivate Art Collective have come together and worked on a beautiful 2015 calendar full of gorgeous artwork. The calendar is now available for purchase and you can get it from the Cultivate Art Collective shop.

Here’s a quick sneak peak of what it looks like:

Cultivate_Art_Collective_calendar2015-1 Cultivate_Art_Collective_calendar2015-2

In the calendar you will find artwork by the following artists:

Cover design by Cyndi Pfeiffer
Calendar page Daniela Glassop
January Tracey English
February Claudia Owen
March Gill Eggleston
April May Leong
May Kate Mason
June Susan Kasielke
July Dewi Citra
August Rhiannon Connelly
September Jamie Dougherty
October Lynda Metcalf
November Dawn Sokol
December Tessa Rath
Back cover Kathryn Moncrief

The calendar is available for instant download so you can print your copy of it at home. Once I get back home from holidays I’ll get my calendar printed and I’ll print two copies, one for my wall and one for my diary where I write all my deadlines.

I hope you like it!

Yes, you read it correctly. I’m going to Printsource! This is the first time that I will have my work at Printsource and I’m super excited about that!

Printsource is the premier market for surface and textile design in the USA and it is the main resource for surface and textile design for America’s major manufacturers and retailers. The show covers many industries including men’s, children’s and women’s apparel, bed and bath, kitchen and tabletop, paper goods and stationery, wall coverings, window fashions as well as other surface and textile design applications.

The show will be January 13 and 14, 2015 at the Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street, NYC

This is my Printsource flyer:

Claudia Owen Printsource

If you are going to Printsource make sure to visit Stand A17. My work will be represented by Cultivate Art Agency and I will have over 100 prints at the show.

I’m feeling optimistic and I’m hoping I will have a successful first show. Let’s do this!

I should have mentioned this weeks ago but I haven’t had a chance to share it with you until now. My work was featured on Pattern Mix: A Collection of Inspiring Prints by Designers from Around the World by Pattern People. 7 of my designs are featured in the book and I’m super happy about that! ­


The e-book features the best emerging designers in surface design now, showcasing the work of over 100 artists. You will find patterns in a variety of styles including whimsical conversationals, bold geometrics and sophisticated florals. ­There are more than 800 inspirational print designs spread across 200 plus pages of colourful patterns. It’s a real feast for the eyes!

You can purchase the e-book for $24.95 from the Pattern People website. I have a copy of the book and it is beautiful!

Here are all the featured designers:
Adriana Make, Akwa Florell, Alice Prina, Alison Tauber, Amelia Graham, Angela Taguiang, Anna Joe, Anna London, Anna Karin Cedérus, Aok, Ashley Le Quere, Barbara Mazzoleni, Becca M. Designs, Bekah Hilleson, Bevero, Brittney Leighann Brownjames Prints, Carlyn Clark, Castlefield By Sophie Taylor, Chelsea Cates Chiara Diack, Chickaprint, Chynna Brown, Claudia Marian, Claudia Owen, Corinna Fielden, Cristina Vicente Maese, Danielle Johnson, Dunia Nalu, Elise Chevry, Em Surface Design, Emma Mcgowan, Ersin Ceylan, Fabric Drawer, Florentina, Frances Boyd, Gabriela Fuente, Gabriela Larios, Georgina Vasiliou, Gill Eggleston, Golden Tangerine, Habiba Artsy Studio, Ilil Saroff, Irina Radtke, Jahan Gerrard, Jane Farnham, Jaquelina Freitas, Jea Voss, Jeshika, Jessica Lee, Jessica Rosheen, Jessica Wilde, Jocelyn Friis, Jon Burgess, Joy Laforme, Juni, Karen Dreyfus, Kathleen Callahan, Kerrie Cauvin, Kimberly Hernandez, Kiris Artworks, Lara Georgine, Laura Buchanan, Laurel Nathanson, Lauren O’kelley, Leean Dallan, Leigh Bagley, Lindsay Buck, Lisa Edoff, Louise Jones, Luca Bigarella, Luv Printz, Maike Thoma, Marcela Delanian, Maria Agra, Mary Kindrick, Mary Leir, Megan Mcneill, Megan Udovicic, Melanie Adams, Merritt Horan, Miranda Mol, Mirella Bruno, Molly Kennedy Darling, Nacho Filella Design, Nina Zulian, Norma Briseño, Oscar Velásquez, Palloma Rodrigues, Pattern People, Paula Amaral, Petica Watson, Print On Paper, Print Muse, Richard Baker, Rita Fürstenau, Roseanna Maria Jiggins, Sarah Bagshaw, Sarah Nasir, Sharon Campbell Design, Sonal Nathwani, Sophia Drevenstam, Takako Yamashiro, Tasha Goddard, Tim Lole, Tracy Mattocks, Valerie Foster, Verena Muenstermann, Wilderies Rodriguez, Wolf & Bed, Xiluva Lynch and Yuliuss Design.

I'm a surface pattern designer and I love to create patterns for a variety of applications such as wallpapers, fabrics, rugs, stationery and home wares. In here you will find a small sample of my work.

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