Today I have some great news! I have just finished putting together my first collection of products for Envelop. The collection includes aprons, oven gloves, napkins, placemats, table runners, tote bags, pot holders and pillow covers.

The design collection is called ‘Joy’ as the design is very happy and bright.

Since there are quite a few new products I’ll show you all of the designs over a few posts. So today I’ll start by showing you this cute pink set:

It would be perfect for anyone who likes to set up a table with matching accessories or have in your kitchen matching items.

They are all printed on 100% cotton and what’s great is that there is free worldwide shipping!

To give you some idea of how big they are, here are the sizes for each of these items:

A. Apron: Width 72cm/28.3″. Height 92cm/36″
B. Table runner: Width 45cm or17.7″. Height 135cm or 53.1″
C. Oven gloves: Width 18cm or 7.1″. Height 33cm or 13″
D. Napkins: Width 40cm or 15.7″. Height 40cm or 15.7″
E. Placemat: Width 50cm or 19.7″. Height 33cm or 13″
F. Pot holder: Width 20cm or 7.9″. Height 20cm or 7.9″

If you like them you can get them from my Envelop shop

In the next few weeks I’m hoping to be adding more designs. So I’ll keep you posted!

I’m thinking that maybe for the next collection I could do a more ‘manly collection’ for the kitchen to encourage husbands/boyfriends to get in the kitchen and help out! I know how hard it can be!